Gold Top and Breakfast Milk are unique in that the milk comes exclusively from pedigree herds of Jersey & Guernsey cows – frequently referred to by the dairy trade as "Channel Islands milk".

These world famous cattle were first introduced into the Channels Islands by French monks over 1000 years ago. With careful breeding they have steadily improved over the years and have proved remarkably adaptable in all climates, latitudes and situations.

The quality of the milk produced by these gentle, doe-eyed creatures is unsurpassed – it is rich, creamy and golden as well as naturally high in protein and calcium.

Jersey Cattle are relatively small in size (400-450kg highest weight) and hence do not produce the largest milk yield, but these cows do produce the highest fat and protein content of any breed. For example, a packet of Jersey butter (250g) can be made from 4 litres of their milk, whereas it

  would take over 5 and a half litres of milk from other breeds to produce the same amount.
Jersey cattle can be found around the world, and after Holsteins, are the second most popular specialist dairy breed.

Guernsey Cattle are slightly larger in size than Jerseys, and also produce premium quality milk, high in protein and calcium. Pure Guernsey milk is distinctively yellow in colour, resulting from a naturally high concentration of beta-carotene absorbed from the grass as they graze. It is also high in calcium and protein, and naturally contains
A2 beta casein protein.

The Islands of both Jersey and Guernsey have, for decades, prohibited any other breed of cattle from their land to ensure that the blood line and off-spring are kept pure.

Channel Island milk is rich and creamy yet is still only 5% fat. It tastes delicious as a drink in its own right, and anything made with Channel Island milk also takes on this superiority.